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As a financial advisor, you want the best for your clients and their financial future.​

You also have the experience, foresight, tools, and resources to help your clients make a great financial plan… but strategies to reduce the cost of college are almost never in the wheelhouse of the financial advisor.​

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Earlier this year I was talking with a client, who is also a financial advisor. We were discussing their FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and I asked which parent had custodial care. This is a non legally binding term that defines which parent the child lives with the majority of the time. Since that parent’s finances are taken into account and the student lived with his mother the majority of the time, we made this change on their financial aid form. This single change saved them around $20,000 a year!

Between 50-70% of financial aid forms have mistakes that cost people money unless college experts are involved.

We catch mistakes on almost every financial form we review and would help your clients save money on college costs.

Our financial aid appeal strategy alone has gained an additional 2 million dollars for our clients in the last 6 months! That is an average of over $20,000 a family.

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We have a database of thousands of financial awards to be able to predict the best schools to apply to

Yes! We’ve helped our clients gain an additional $2 million of financial aid in the last 6 months

Is the 529 plan the best way to save for college?

What other tools can our clients use to help pay for college?

What are the biggest mistakes people make on their financial aid forms that cost the money?

How can we help our client’s children have a bright financial future?

The list goes on and on
Just like in your contacts there are dozens and dozens of unique situations that could affect the cost of college

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