Financial Aid

College is expensive!
Let us help you
reduce the cost of college.

The first financial aid package you receive isn’t the final number schools are willing to give.

Often, there is room to negotiate with schools
to maximize the financial aid you receive. And not more loans.

Issues client often have that lower their financial aid awards:

Since the beginning of 2020, we have helped our clients receive over $4,000 a year, on average, of additional financial aid. That’s money on top of the original aid awarded.

That’s over $3.5 million of increased aid.

We would love to have a free consultation call with you to explore money that you possibly left on the table.

We don’t need to be cute and spin our process, we just point to the results. We’ve received additional financial aid from almost any college you can name over the last 17 years. And if we don’t think this is right for you, we will tell you and not waste your time or money.

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