Student Loans

When scholarships, grants and federal student loans don't cover all college expenses, we have a loan for you!

College Assistance Plus has partnered with several quality lending institutions. These partners allow for sensible financing of your student’s education. Please use the links below to take advantage of our financing partners and their rates for College Assistance Plus clients.

How are you paying for college?

Most college students receive financial aid in the form of student loans, grants, scholarships, or federal work-study. In order to understand what these options mean to you and your student, be sure to read our Paying for College Guide.

We know you’d like to pay for college without loans, but it simply isn’t an option for many families. Preparing a four-year college cash-flow analysis is the best way to determine actual yearly costs and any amounts that will need to be financed. There are different financing options, with an education loan being the most popular. Once the student has accepted the Federal Direct Student Loan, it’s important to understand if parent loans, government or private, are the next best resource for your family. If you find yourself in need of private student loans, below are our suggested lenders. We have vetted these lenders for ease of application, customer service, and competitive interest rates.

If you are not a CAP client and have questions, are interested in a four-year cash-flow analysis, or have a specific college payment question, please contact us at

Excellent customer service.
Exceptional loan options.
Easy application process.

Applying for more than one student loan allows you to compare interest rates, though these lenders offer CAP clients the most competitive rates available based on your financial situation.

Your financial meeting assisted us and our son with making good decisions as well as understanding the importance of looking at the big picture. You and your team were key. Your detailed walk through of the financing process let him know how the loans would affect him now and in the future. “Thank you” for your service and support. Your recommendations were most beneficial.

– MS, Syracuse, NY

College Assistance Plus recommends loan lenders to help you navigate through the education loan process. Lenders are chosen for their excellent customer service, competitive interest rates for our clients, user ratings, and ease of website use. Your click could result in a small fee for us, but the lenders are chosen independently from any possible incentive. Please inquire if you have any questions about how this could affect your loan search at


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