For High Schools

As teachers, administrators, and guidance counselors, I can imagine the fulfillment and joy you feel when your students go on to a successful college education. So many high schools go above and beyond to help their students get into their dream College or University.

But if you’re one of those you have your arm handcuffed behind your back because you can’t talk about the money. One of the most important topics in determining what school to attend is finding out how much the family can afford.

This leaves well-meaning guidance counselors with disheartening results. Their former students may have studied the right major at the school of their choice but in the process, they became overburdened with a mountain of student debt.

This debt is going to follow them for the rest of their lives. We are already seeing millennials get married later, buy houses later and start families later often because of the financial pressure of overwhelming student debt.

Guidance counselors can’t look at family finances and build a family school budget. We do.


Want to know how to do that in 4 easy steps?